Yoga, Pilates,
and Support for
the modern mama.

(From mama experts who've been there.)

Grab-and-go videos made just for you, to watch anytime, anywhere.

Create your healthy pregnancy and prepare for birth with Mama Seeds yoga, Pilates, & relaxation videos. And after baby is here, we are too — with more fitness & baby care videos to support your recovery, help you reclaim your body, and nurture your baby.

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A journal to track all your special mama moments.

Keep meaning to write that down? Mama Seeds makes it easy to remember everything from the first flutter to the first steps. Share your favorite mama moments with your Mama Seeds community, or keep them close to your heart. You choose. Learn more about the Journal »

A community of mamas,
mamas-to-be, and mama experts.

Mama Seeds helps you connect with other modern mamas to build your network of support. On the flip side, you can pay it forward — by sharing what you’ve learned with those just beginning the journey. Learn about the community »

From mama experts who have been there.

Information is everywhere, but guidance you can trust is hard to find. We conceived Mama Seeds as a natural extension of our passion for supporting new mamas and babies, and we want to share the love with you. Learn more »