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Nurturing Classes

Headstands not your style? Mama Seeds makes it easy to start your program at home today with our safe, specialized yoga, pilates, and relaxation classes served up on your timetable, day or night.

  • Pregnancy Videos

    help you stay healthy and low-risk.

  • Mama and Baby Videos

    promote a healthy recovery and
    enhance bonding.

  • Baby Videos

    for comfort and optimal development.

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Expert Advice

What’s missing from other sites? Support. Mama Seeds brings like-minded women together to create community—an essential ingredient in high-quality prenatal and postpartum care.

  • Private Community

    to find and share support.

  • Expert Advice

    on evidence-based care and hot topics.

  • Journal

    a protected environment for tracking the moments you always want to remember.

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"I'd never done yoga before, but the Mama Seeds videos were perfect! Accessible, relaxing, and just the right length to fit into my day. I felt great through my pregnancy and now I love practicing with my baby!"


First-Time Mom

"A healthy pregnancy doesn’t just happen. Mama Seeds fills a void, making it easier for women to access the tools they need to prepare for birth, ease recovery, and support the transition to motherhood."

Kendra Adkisson

Certified Nurse Midwife