July 12, 2014

Help your baby LOVE tummy time: Our top tips

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Time to mix it up, mamas! I know you’ve had “flat on the back, flat on the back, flat on the back” drilled into your brains like mad by your pediatrician and by safe-sleep blogs everywhere, but be careful not to mistake all this “flat on the back” talk for an admonition that your baby should never be on his tummy! In fact, tummy time during the awake hours is super-important for development of your baby’s gross and fine motor skills.

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June 28, 2014

Neon gym picks & tips for working out in the third trimester

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This week we're sharing a great post from Amanda Saiontz Gluck, a.k.a. the Fashionable Hostess, who's keeping it real with fun colors and motivational tips for your pregnancy workout. Mama Seeds yoga and Pilates videos are the perfect complement to your gym / class days, and we've got you covered when restoration is what the body needs and wants. Thanks, Amanda, for sharing your secrets!

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June 20, 2014

Prenatal Pilates Videos

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You know what’s hard to find? A Pilates class specifically geared for pregnant women. And there are some good reasons for that—Pilates is very core intensive, and it happens to be really easy to strain and damage the abdominal muscles during pregnancy. Sit ups are taboo. Double leg lifts are a no-go. A too-loose pelvis can make scissoring the legs a really bad idea. All these conditions (and the unknown) can scare off your local instructors. So what’s a core-loving mama to do?

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